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Lanterns and decorations to welcome the New Year, work together to write a new chapter
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In this fleeting year, we Dakang people actively respond to the call of the government,Under the leadership of the leader,We struggle together,Ride the waves,Get excellent results!In order to seriously summarize the work of 2022,Define your 2023 goals,The company organized the 2022 summary meeting and year-end dinner on January 15, 2023。

Year-end review

Heads of departments, project leaders

2022 Annual Summary

Outstanding commendation

Excellent project Manager - Chen Liming

Outstanding Project team - Rehab Project

Excellent staff - Chen Hui, Guo Qian, Huang Ruiling

Reunion dinner

In 2022, we have always maintained a perfect working attitude, full of hope and enthusiasm towards the goal。2023, we innovate and make progress, continue to move forward, witness the growth of Dakang, in gratitude and responsibility we work together towards brilliance。