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The objective of construction project contract management
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A construction contract is an agreement in which the contractor carries out construction activities and the developer pays the price or remuneration。The smooth execution of construction project contract is the basic guarantee of construction project quality, investment and schedule, which is not only of great significance to the parties to the construction project contract, but also of great significance to social public interests and public life and health。

1. Developing and improving the construction market

As an important part of the socialist market economy, the construction market needs to be continuously developed and improved。The most important difference between the market economy and the planned economy is that the market economy mainly relies on contracts to regulate the transaction behavior of the parties, while the planned economy mainly relies on administrative means to regulate the property circulation relationship. Therefore, to develop and improve the construction market, there must be a standardized construction project contract management system。Under the condition of market economy, because the contract is mainly relied on to regulate the transaction behavior of the parties, the content of the contract will become the main basis for implementing the construction project behavior。Strengthening the management of construction project contracts according to law can guarantee the management of funds, materials, technology, information and labor in the construction market, and ensure the orderly operation of the construction market。

(2) Promoting reform in the construction sector

In the field of construction in China, the project legal person responsibility system, the bidding system, the project supervision system and the contract management system are implemented。In these systems, the core is the contract management system。Because the project legal person responsibility system is to establish the subject system that can independently bear civil liability, and the civil liability in the market economy is mainly based on the contract obligation。In fact, the bidding system is to establish a fair, just and open contract making system, which is the procedural requirement of the contract formation process。Project supervision system is also a legal system that relies on contracts to regulate the relationship between owners, contractors and supervisors. Therefore, various systems in the construction field actually promote each other by centering on the contract system. The sound and perfect management of construction project contracts will undoubtedly help promote other systems in the construction field。

(3) Improve the management level of project construction

The improvement of project construction management level is reflected in the three control objectives of project quality, progress and investment, and the level of these three control objectives is mainly reflected in the contract。After the three control objectives are specified in the contract, the parties to the contract are required to refine these contents in the project management and strictly implement these provisions in the process of project construction。At the same time, if the management can be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract, the quality of the project can be effectively guaranteed, and the control objectives of the schedule and investment can be achieved。Therefore, contract management of construction projects can effectively improve the management level of construction projects。

(4) Avoid and overcome economic violations and crimes in the field of construction

The construction field is a high occurrence field of economic crimes in our country。This situation is mainly due to the fact that the openness, justice and fairness in the construction of the project are not good enough, and strengthening the management of the construction project contract can effectively achieve openness, justice and fairness。In particular, improve and perfect the bidding and bidding system of construction project contracts, put the trading behavior of the construction market under the sun, restrain the abuse of power, and effectively avoid and overcome the illegal and criminal behavior in the construction field。Strengthening the management of the performance of construction contracts can also help the government administrative departments to supervise the contracts and avoid and overcome economic violations and crimes in the construction field。