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Learn fire safety knowledge and build safe fire walls
Release time :2021-09-27 08:44:09 Article source: Dacon Architecture Number of readings:

In order to effectively enhance the fire safety awareness of enterprise employees,Improve employees' ability to resist fire,Create a stable and harmonious fire safety environment,September 24, 2021, 9:30 a.m,The company specially invited Chongqing Limin fire prevention publicity and training Center to carry out fire safety training for our company,More than 30 people, including company leader Wang General Manager, company headquarters personnel and safety officers of each project department, participated in the training。

The training of fire instructors is based on policies and regulations such as the "Fire Law", "Measures for the Implementation of the Fire Safety Responsibility System" and "four capabilities" for fire protection,Combined with the actual situation of social fire,The basic knowledge of fire prevention, common sense of daily safe use of fire and electricity, common use of fire equipment, initial fire fighting measures and fire escape knowledge are emphatically explained in plain language。

Fire safety is related to you and me, this training improves the fire safety awareness of all employees and the ability to self-rescue and escape, enhances the safety awareness of fire prevention, fire extinguishing, escape, self-rescue, and further realizes the importance of fire safety work, laying the foundation for the company's safety production work。