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China Resources Mixheng gas pipeline project
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With the Vientiane Business district as the core, Chongqing CR Center integrates top urban resources such as Vientiane City shopping center, Vientiane City commercial district, top business office buildings, five-star hotels, high-end residential buildings, etc. Upon completion, it will become the most comprehensive and highest-grade new urban center in Chongqing。

China Resources Center Chongqing, Vientiane City is the 7th Vientiane city in China, and also the largest Vientiane City in China, with a construction area of about 1 million square meters。Positioned in the domestic first-class shopping center and a new landmark of urban commerce, is expected to open in 2014。As the most exemplary fashion and experience shopping center in China, MixC City is all-inclusive and gathers many international first-line brands, bringing a new consumption concept and unprecedented life experience to Chongqing。